Our mission is to provide an open-access platform for cross-disciplinary work done by undergraduate students.

This includes applied research which employs multiple ways of knowing, creative projects that disrupt disciplinary boundaries, or theoretical work on cross-disciplinarity in undergraduate education. In creating this journal, we are building a community of cross-disciplinarians across faculties, campuses, and levels of expertise.

The Journal of Integrative Research & Reflection was founded in 2017 by Knowledge Integration students at the University of Waterloo, and is published by the Department of Knowledge Integration.

JIRR publishes work that integrates different ways of knowing.

By ways of knowing, we mean the norms, values, and established practices that inform what and how communities generate knowledge. Communities often include but are not limited to academic disciplines and cultural groups with distinct traditional knowledge. We are also interested in knowledge perspectives informed by identity and lived experiences. For example, ecologists and indigenous groups both have their own established methods, traditions, and focuses in their knowledge practices.

By integrate, we mean bring together. This could include combining the products of research from different domains; or, bringing together insights, methods, or analyses from multiple disciplines to approach a topic from a unique perspective.  


Inaugural edition (May 2018): JIRR, Volume I: Spring 2018

Second edition (June 2019): JIRR, Volume II: Spring 2019

Third edition (June 2020): JIRR, Volume III: Spring 2020