Bronwyn McIlroy-Young, Editor-in-Chief

Bronwyn is completing her Bachelor’s of Knowledge Integration with a minor in Philosophy. For her honours thesis, she is exploring how weather broadcasters can educate Canadians about the local impacts of climate change. 



Katrina Brain, Managing Editor

Katrina is completing a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration with a minor in Chemistry and a Collaborative Design Specialization. She is researching emerging genres of science communication and science journalism for her senior honours thesis.

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Ness Lamont, Managing Editor

Ness is a 4th year student in Knowledge Integration, pursuing minors in Cognitive Science, Philosophy, and Psychology, with a specialization in Collaborative Design. They research how educational outcomes can be improved through making communities more diverse, inclusive, and accepting.


Hannah Anderson, Internal Communications

Hannah is a 2nd year student working toward a joint Knowledge Integration and Biology degree. In addition, she is working toward a Computer Science option. Beyond her studies, Hannah is also interested in art history and agriculture.