Present Members


Hannah Anderson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Hannah is a 3rd year student working toward degrees in Biology and Knowledge Integration. Hannah’s main interests lie in environmental biology, ecology, ethnobotany, ethnoecology, zoology. Beyond her studies, Hannah is also interested in art history and agriculture.


Kaitlin Ollivier-Gooch, Co-Editor-in-Chief 

Kaitlin is completing her Bachelor’s of Knowledge Integration with Joint Honours Anthropology, and a minor in Psychology. Her interest is in biological anthropology, and for her honours thesis she is building a laboratory protocol for a new technique to analyze DNA from dental calculus.

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Ness Lamont, Managing Editor

Ness is a student in Knowledge Integration, pursuing minors in Cognitive Science, Philosophy, and Psychology, with a specialization in Collaborative Design. They research how educational outcomes can be improved through making communities more diverse, inclusive, and accepting.

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        Yousuf Ramahi, Managing Editor




Past Members


Bronwyn McIlroy-Young, Editor-in-Chief (2017/2018)

Bronwyn is completing her Bachelor’s of Knowledge Integration with a minor in Philosophy. For her honours thesis, she is exploring how weather broadcasters can educate Canadians about the local impacts of climate change. 



Katrina Brain, Managing Editor (2017/2018)

Katrina is completing a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration with a minor in Chemistry and a Collaborative Design Specialization. She is researching emerging genres of science communication and science journalism for her senior honours thesis.