Current Reviewers

Current reviewers can access the review management website at this link: CLICK HERE

If you are an assigned reviewer, our How to Review guide and reviewer frameworks are here for your reference. If you are reviewing a written submission please use the Framework for Written Submissions. If you are reviewing a multi-media submission please use the Framework for Multi-Media Submissions.

The materials from our reviewer training session are also available for your reference, including the slideshow content, an example of a filled out Reviewer Framework, and the example paper used during the reviewer training session.

Reviewing for Future Editions of JIRR

We accept graduate and undergraduate reviewers on a rolling basis for all editions.

The Journal of Integrative Research & Reflection accepts submissions drawing from diverse areas of knowledge, so our editorial process relies on reviewers of many disciplinary backgrounds.

We do not require reviewers to have reviewing experience. If you are less familiar with peer reviewing, you will be guided through the process by our editorial team and provided with a framework for evaluating submissions.

We will assign papers toward the end of January 2019 and reviewers will have approximately 3 weeks to complete their revisions. Reviewers may take on between 1 and 4 papers and should anticipate a few hours of work per review. 

If you are interested in reviewing for JIRR, fill out this typeform to be added to our reviewer database. You may review for and submit work to the same issue of JIRR.

If you have questions about completing your revisions or about reviewing for us in future, please contact our editorial board.